Community & Business Women’s Network Sparkle evening

The Community & Business Women's Network hosted another Sparkle event here at Nexus last week. What a fantastic group of women entreprenears in the Northern end of the Central Coast! The CBWN provides opportunities for local organisations, services and businesses to shine like the stars they are. Our May 16th Business After Hours Sparkle hosts were CBWN members @Kerri Day Paragon Insurance Solutions and Nathalie Ainsworth of Ainsworth Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. Local business professionals Kerri and [...]

Beyond The Hype: Why Your Business Needs Flexible Working In 2019 And Beyond

View Static Version A lot of companies will say in their job descriptions that they offer 'flexible hours’ but saying you offer flexible hours is as nebulous as saying you have a great company culture. There isn't a clear definition of what 'flexible hours' actually mean. Does it mean employees get to select their own start and finish times, that they can work remotely, or that employees can transition into a part-time schedule? Flexibility has [...]

Stop! You Don’t Have to Take a Three Year Lease

The Traditional Leasing Model is Changing Leasing is tough It's easy to get spooked looking at longterm leases. When you look around at commercial office space you quickly notice a couple of things: there's not much of it out there and it's expensive. Vacancy rates are in the low single digits with many older buildings being repurposed for residential use and the pipeline of new office stock pretty thin which puts Landlords in the driving [...]

Are you fed up being lonely at work?

Being lonely at work is bad for business. Shared office spaces bring a community environment and well being as well as a more structured day. Loneliness seems like a very personal, private problem, but it’s much more than that. Loneliness and isolation is a collective issue and at work, loneliness is yet another effect of the lack of attention paid to the human side of getting stuff done together. That kind of thinking is unhealthy, unhelpful, and unproductive. Work should [...]

Flex Work. Full Life. Flexible Working Day is an international day to celebrate and showcase the benefits of flexible work

Take Action and Get Your FREE FlexAbility Kit If you need help accessing either FlexAbility Kit please contact us. CLICK HERE TO GET MY FLEXABILITY KIT FOR MANAGERS TODAY The FlexAbility Kit for Managers is a must have to celebrate Flexible Working Day. It has tools and tips including: Where work began, why it’s changing, and the role of flexible work in future proofing your business. The different types of flexible work arrangements (it's not [...]