What are some of the Benefits of a Co-working Office Space?

Coworking spaces have taken off around the world for good reason. Incredible cost savings and the flexibility of not having to sign a major lease are two of the perks of coworking spaces, but many people are unaware of the other advantages that these collaborative workspaces deliver. From performance benefits to accessing a diverse network of partners, the benefits of coworking spaces are diverse and varied. Want to grow your business and stay local? CLICK [...]

Is the kitchen the beating heart of your office?

Unlimited coffee and kitchen facilities - Everybody works better after getting that morning hit of coffee, so we thought why not provide coffee right where you work? At Nexus Smart Hub you have a never-ending supply of barista quality Coffee in our 3 fully equipped kitchens for our members and their clients.    The kitchen probably isn’t the central focus of your office design, but perhaps it should be… Research shows that the [...]

8 Rules to Grow Your Business in a Coworking Space

Coworking environments seem to popping up everywhere with the growth of freelancing and flexible working arrangements. One of the challenges for those based out of coworking spaces is noise, along with potentially having to share resources with people you don’t know. However, if you master the key rules for working in coworking spaces, you can achieve high productivity, while taking full advantage of the significant cost savings, as well as the social and professional benefits [...]

Virtual Offices vs. Serviced Offices: Which is Right for You?

In today’s modern working environment where flexibility is key, there are a range of working environments to choose from, including serviced and virtual offices. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have the financial capacity to rent traditional office space – as a result, serviced and virtual offices have increased in popularity. If you’re just starting out in the business world and are looking for a cost-effective office alternative, you have two options in front of you. [...]

Four ways that Serviced Offices can help businesses save money

More and more companies continue to move into Serviced Offices and Coworking Spaces and not without good reason. Businesses now have the opportunity to set up shop in pre-furnished, pre-decorated, often impressive Serviced Offices, cutting days of hassle out of their schedule and leaving them free to get on with business from the day they move in. No longer do they have to bring furniture, buy internet connections or paint walls, but just move in [...]

Private Serviced Office vs your own Commercial Lease – Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis   Private Serviced Office vs your own Commercial Lease Serviced offices are a most effective way of operating a small business or branch office. Both service and operating costs are shared across all tenants in the tenancy, allowing individual tenants to conduct business in a professional environment at an affordable price. And there is NO LONG TERM LEASE OR BOND REQUIRED!     This is for one or two people in an [...]