What our members say

“Polished, friendly, entrepreneurial and right next to a DataCenter”

I’ve used the Nexus Smart Hub on a number of occasions now – the team there are great, interested in helping to connect you with other local entrepreneurs and responsive, with a desire to attract talent to the area with great service and facilities. 

I’ve used the space for business meetings that needed a little more polish than the home office, have run Meetups there for our Digital Makers Meetup series and used it as a sanity inducing space in a busy school holiday period where I needed to sit and be productive.

 It’s a quality facility and well suited as an alternative to commuting to Sydney. The residents there are a mix of startups, freelancers, established businesses moving to the area and telecommuters who’d otherwise be stuck in their car to+from Sydney or Newcastle. I’ve heard some amazing stories from people about the difference it’s made to their lives to be able to work locally. Highly recommended.


Brian Hill – CoFounder, Director| Assemblient

“As all small business owners will know, working for yourself gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom to work whenever and wherever you like – at least that’s the theory.” 

However the one limitation that can really affect your productivity, is access to a reliable, fast internet service. I was forced to move my fledgling marketing business out of my home office for that reason. Although I was one of the first in my area to get NBN connected, the unreliability, poor speed and slow support really impacted my ability to deliver timely services to my clients.

The decision, as to where I would base myself, was based on location, workspace environment and price, however just as important than all those was the speed and reliability of the internet service. Nexus was by far the best proposition in that category. I use a lot of data-intensive web-based applications to deliver services for my clients.

I’m transferring large data files for video and graphics to and from cloud services all the time, so upload speed is crucial. At Nexus my upload speed regularly averages over 80Mbs which blew me away. I’m frequently communicating with clients using VOIP services such as Skype, Teamviewer or What’sApp and even on WIFI, I never have any problems with bandwidth.

This is something I simply couldn’t do at home. As well as being a great workspace environment with great facilities, Nexus has allowed me to be so much more productive and professional in the way I work with my clients.”


“What a great space for business people and anyone needing great facilities like faster than NBN Internet, AV needs etc as well as meeting rooms which are perfect for a virtual business like mine to book for client meetings.”

It’s very professional and no more coffee meetings in noisy cramped coffee shops that don’t have WiFi!”


Deb Aitchison


“I’ve been frequenting Nexus for the best part of 2 years and now and I can honestly say moving out of my home office and into Nexus was the best move I’ve made.”

The value for money, amenities and staff that work there are second to none – on par if not better than city based co-working environments.”


“Working at the Nexus Smart Hub has been enormously beneficial for me, as my travelling time is reduced from 3 hours per day to 30 minutes per day.”

This means a great deal to my family and to my personal heath. Daily commuting does take a toll on family life, as there are days when you are literally just getting up going to work and then going home to sleep. Working at the Nexus Hub means that for the days when I can reduce my travel time I can enjoy dinner as a family, and do other normal family things. This has the most value. I thank my boss every day for having the foresight and confidence to allow me to be a hubber!

The benefit that my employer gets from me working at the Nexus smart hub are:

  • Increased productivity, as it is very quiet with no distractions
  • Connectivity to all my office requirements is fantastic and in some instances, better than in my office
  • I can be at work for a longer period, as I am not just commuting. So instead of being locked in to a train timetable, – I can spend that extra 15 – 30 minutes finishing something off without massive impact to both my employer and my family
  • On days when I need to attend a medical or personal appointment. I do not have to take the whole day off, I can take a half a day and work the rest of the time at the Hub. this is fantastic.

I would strongly advise anyone who has the opportunity to be a hubber to discuss this with their employer and to call to have a look around. I have made some valuable contacts and I am now working 3 days at the Hub per week and 2 my Newcastle office. I am very fortunate and grateful for this flexibility.”

Margaret Paterson, Business Strategist from Crown Lands

“The service is next level, far beyond what you get from a traditional landlord”

The reasons we made the move to Nexus were flexibility and scale. We’re able to grow and the space grows with us. We’ve also reduced our real-estate costs by about 40% which has allowed us to invest in new initiatives for the team.


Cooper Jitts, Founder, Talk Agency

‘The ease of booking online or over the phone is accommodated by staff who are happy to assist with any request, great or small.”

I found it very handy to be able to break down and the service was exceptional. We look forward to using the service again!’


Beneco, Occupational Rehabilitation

“I work in Website Development, Remote PC Support, Server Administration and Programming.  So, most of my work is done remotely through persistent connections.” 

In my home office I just found myself pulling my hair out in frustration even though I have “Business NBN”.   Sounds impressive until the thing you’re working on is urgent and you realise it’s 3pm or school holidays and the internet is congested!

The main reasons I chose Nexus Smart Hub was:

1) Great atmosphere, 2) Friendly staff, 3) Unlimited fibre internet access, 4) Unlimited coffee n tea, 5) Close enough to home to get back with the family but far enough to not have the disruptions of home life get in the road of productivity.

Since moving into Nexus Smart Hub I’ve been able to be more productive thanks to the great atmosphere and now enjoying working with low latency, no packet loss, great throughput up to 100Mbit/100Mbit and rarely have connections drop.  The reliability is great.  I’m now able to make a backup of a client’s website before I work on it and restore it in seconds if I need to.


Chris Bourne | Manager | Direct Support Domains and Hosting

“The facilities and staff at the Nexus Smart Hub are simply outstanding, extremely professional and also represent fantastic value.”

I’m very glad I found them. I love the big kitchen and screens, and have a tendency to take my clients in there to show off a bit!”

Rich Thorpe

“Great space, friendly people, super fresh modern fitout and great high speed internet. Perfect for running my business!”

E. W

“Very impressed with the coworking space in Wyong, Large desks, fast internet and unpretentious… Very productive and practical place to get work done”


“Such a great working environment… met some amazing people here that have become great friends and been such a great network platform.”

A big supporter of Nexus and especially love the new office!”


“Working at the Hub 2 days a week has been fantastic for me.”  

Personally, I have a shorter almost non-existent commute, I’m saving money and am getting to spend more time with the family and professionally, I get more done, I have fewer distractions and am able to plan my days much better. It’s a win-win for all.

Member since June 2015

“As a day to day professional consultant and with an interest in kicking off a Start-up, the move to Nexus with its A-Grade spaces and technological infrastructure was a no-brainer for me.”

What I didn’t expect were the networking opportunities and freelancer resources that have come with it – which has made kicking off the Start-up a lot simpler and the opportunity far more profitable and achievable.”

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