A ‘proper’ workspace can mean so much more than just a desk

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In 2024, more of us are working from home than ever before, but a ‘proper’ workspace can mean so much more than just a desk. Nexus Smart Hub offers the perfect environment for when you need a little ‘office time’.


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Walks to the kitchen in your Zoom breaks are still possible at this home-away-from-home

Chances are, if you work for someone else, time spent ‘in the office’ is now really only necessary for meetings or larger team projects. There’s also those of us who are freelancers or small business owners, who often find it difficult to warrant the cost or responsibility of setting up offices outside our homes.

Office space, however, can be more than just that. It can be a space that inspires us, or connects us with others over a quick coffee in the lunchroom, or at after work drinks or events in the bar or lobby. It can also be a place around which we form routines and habits, whether that be a daily stroll to our favourite café down the street with a colleague or the half-hour podcast we listen to on our commute. Thankfully, it’s a new era, and we can both have our cake and eat it too.

Natural light and productivity go hand-in-hand at Nexus

If you’re new to the Central Coast or the work from home (WFH) life, the region has several co-working spaces and centres on offer if you’re wanting to change it up a little and get into a ‘proper’ workspace. The Nexus Smart Hub within the Golf Links Commercial Campus at Wyong is one such co-working centre, offering a range of flexible and agile services to accommodate everyone – from solo professional to remote teams, or even larger corporate work groups.

Their purpose-built facilities are fully serviced and maintained, and joining is as easy as joining the gym. Flexible membership options mean that you only pay for what you use, whether that’s one day a week or five, at a hot desk or in your own designated office.

Both hot desks and dedicated office spaces are available – there’s something to meet every worker’s needs

The purpose-built facilities have been designed to accommodate everyone from solo professionals to remote teams and even corporate workgroups. From start-ups to freelancers, small business and corporate employees, everyone will find the space for their needs at Nexus. With exceptional interior design, the hub has numerous meeting rooms, breakout areas with lots of room for lounging, and generous kitchen facilities.

The centre also includes a neighbouring medical centre, chemist, gym, childcare centre and several eateries, ensuring that you make the most of your lunch break. The Wyong Golf Club is also right across the road – perfect for an early Friday knock-off followed by a few rounds either on the green, or in the bar.

Wyong Golf Course is just across the road (Image credit: Danny Irvine)

Nexus also boasts the fastest internet on the Central Coast, with a 100GB link available throughout the campus, while the dedicated Nexus Business Hub also features a 10GB uncontended fibre link to each separate office.

To find out more, head to www.nexushub.com.au or call 1300 877 977. You can also check Nexus out on socials @nexussmarthub.



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