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How do you feel about staff working remotely?

Managers, supervisors and business owners are becoming increasingly familiar with the concept of staff working remotely from the office. In many organisations there is a trend towards activity based working and greater flexibility for the employee.

It’s all about productivity

Remote work is good ‘in theory’ but often not so great in practice. That is because the locations that many employees seek to work from, are simply not suitable. Employers need to understand that if their Central Coast based employees could work closer to home, even just one or two days a week, it would make such a significant impact.

I already pay for head office space. Why do I have to pay for more?

You may not necessarily have to. At Nexus the question of who pays for the work stations varies from case to case. Some employees pay for their staff to work from Nexus because they recognise the productivity benefit to their organisations Additionally, there is the opportunity to reduce expensive CBD floor space.

Many employees are happy to pay for their own work station on the days that they use Nexus. The costs involved in commuting – train and bus fares, petrol costs, tolls quickly add up. By the time they have covered their commuting costs they can afford to head to Nexus.

In other cases employees and employers share the cost. It’s up to you to structure it in the way that works best for your organisation and employees.

Benefits for employers

Increases productivity due to less commuting downtime

Positive effects staff retention and engagement

Reduces absenteeism

Improves business resilience

Reduces dependence on expensive CBD footprint

Reduces utilities costs

Benefits for employees

Reduces commuting and vehicle costs

Increased flexibility and improved work/life balance

Increases job satisfaction

Greater ability to participate in the workforce

Improved health and wellbeing

Remote working

To find out more about teleworking, download our report.
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