Nexus Smart Hub welcomes new tenants – Anisimoff Legal

More new businesses have located in the Nexus Smart Hub in recent months.

We welcome Anisimoff Legal team to the Nexus community!


Tell us a short version of what your business does? 

Anisimoff Legal is a specialist commercial law practice focusing primarily on the advertising, marketing and media industries.  We provide commercial and strategic advice in relation to the full range of legal issues those industries encounter day to day.  Comprising solicitors and non-solicitors, our team can provide advice and service from a commercial and legal perspective. We also advise brands and businesses and help them in promoting and commercialising their products and services, contracts and all of the legal and regulatory issues they face.


How long have you been operating; how many are in your team?
Anisimoff has just celebrated 40 years of business, the firm was founded in 1983 by Tony Anisimoff.  We have offices and staff across New South Wales, Victoria and Brisbane comprising of 14 lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff.


What are the successes and challenges of your Business?

Anisimoff Legal is unlike traditional law firms, we strive to provide our clients with more than just legal advice. We offer clients a different way to work with us.

The firm does not charge on a time costing basis. Since our foundation in 1983 we have adopted a policy of charging on a project basis in accordance with the complexity, urgency and importance of the matter and the special expertise required. As such we do not have hourly rates, rather we charge in accordance with the individual job and its unique requirements. We find that hourly rates do not suit our area of expertise or our clients, who in many instances value speed and efficiency, a clear outcome and affordable costs.


What were the reasons you made the move to Nexus?
Anisimoff Legal has always employed many of its staff from the Central Coast who used to travel to Sydney but, in order to address lifestyle aspirations of its staff, in 2011 we opened an office in Erina.   After successfully navigating the chaos of Covid-19, and with the firm now supporting a flexible work policy (3 x office days / 2 WFH days), we became very aware that the traditional 100m2 of office space locked in with a 5-year lease was just not warranted anymore.  Our Melbourne office made the first move into a co-work space in Jan 2020, followed by our Sydney office in June 2021 and then we moved in to Nexus in July 2023.  After looking at many co-work options, Nexus ticked all our boxes as we were able to secure our own suite within the building.  We currently have 4 staff working from the Nexus office, all of whom reside between Hornsby and Newcastle and find the convenience of working only a short distance from home in a serviced modern office very appealing.  The cost savings should also not be overlooked.

We would love to hear from any Nexus members who may be needing legal assistance so please feel free to find out more about our services here or reach out to – alternatively, head to Suite G13 at Nexus, and speak directly to the General Manager, Danielle Roll.

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