Working one or two days a week from the Nexus Hub can give you back the four hours you’re currently spending commuting to the office.

The nature of work is changing. Advances in communications technologies such as cloud computing and ever increasing internet speeds means that there are fewer limitations on where people can work. Knowledge workers in ‘white collar’ occupations are increasingly measured by output and performance not by where they work from.

For remote work to be successful it has to be done from the right location. Many people do not have a suitable home environment that will guarantee the productivity expected by their employer. Often at home there are just too many distractions. WHS considerations also add a degree of risk for an employer who is considering to allow work to be performed remotely from home. That’s where Nexus Business Hub comes in.

Hubs like Nexus, are close to the commuter’s home but specifically designed to provide exactly the same professional and WHS compliant work environment as the head office. 

It's all about productivity

Employers understand that if their Central Coast based employees could work closer to home one or two days a week it would have a very positive impact.

  • But will it be good for the employer? Yes.
  • Will they have an employee who is healthier and happier? Yes.
  • Will they be more motivated and productive? Yes.

Nexus makes working remotely from the head office good in theory and good in practice.

Imagine what you could do with an extra four hours today..

The benefits of working at the Nexus Hub will be obvious for the thousands of commuters who leave the Central Coast every morning and come home at the end of a long working day.

Whether you are able to use the Nexus hub regularly one or two days a week or just a couple of times a month, everyone one of us can imagine how we could put that lost commuting time to better use.

Why choose Nexus Business Hub?

Work stations, offices, meeting rooms, breakout and event spaces

State-of-the-art technology and office infrastructure

Enterprise-grade video conference facilities

Enterprise-grade secure printing and scanning facilities

24/7 biometric security access

Security cameras and patrols

Faster than NBN internet speeds: 100Mb up & 100Mb down

Onsite data centre provides redundancy

Remote working

To find out more about teleworking, download our report.
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