The greatest benefit for working in a coworking space

Coworking spaces can be thought of as living ecosystems that are rich with potential connections with other businesses, experts, and contractors.     Many coworking networks have their own unique culture, attracting many like-minded people that can support each other in a community, even if they’re not bound by employment conditions or shared business goals. Throughout the history of coworking, spaces have been designed to foster collaboration. Coworking spaces were original set up to provide [...]

Alternatives to Long-Term Leasing

Renting office space as a leaseholder hasn’t changed much over the years. After lengthy contract negotiations with landlords, going over fit out costs, bond, inclusions, options and reviewing the agreement clause by clause;Leaseholders commit to a finite and fixed amount of space for years at a time. It’s easy to get spooked looking at long-term leases. When you look around at commercial office space you quickly notice a couple of things: there’s not much of [...]

Meet our new members, Walker and Andrews  and Robson Partners 

Meet our new members, Walker and Andrews  and Robson Partners Walker & Andrews are Chartered Accountants who have recently merged with Robson Partners in Gosford. Aside from tax and accounting, they provide financial planning advice and business coaching services for small businesses. What is the successes and challenges of your Business?  Walker & Andrews and Robson Partners understands that the key to success lies in the relationships we build with clients and the actions that [...]

How to move out of the home office for the first time

Leasing a commercial property will involve extra downtime (e.g. connecting the internet, reviewing and signing documents, etc) and may involve third parties like solicitors, real estate agents etc, but most serviced offices and coworking spaces are a 'plug-and-play' situation where you can immediately move in and get to work.

Book Launch – Once Upon a Time in Small Business

Congratulations were in order to celebrate the official release of Lee McCaffrey Krupa's book, ONCE UPON A TIME IN SMALL BUSINESS with an afternoon tea held at the Nexus Smart Hub. "Like any good fairy tale...Once Upon a Time in Small Business is filled with adventures, colourful characters and life lessons. But unlike a fairy tale, this is real!" This wonderful new book filled with bite-sized business stories to help you live life by your [...]