Nexus Smart Hub welcomes new tenants – Burke Mead Lawyers

We welcome Burke Mead Lawyers to the Nexus community!

We (Burke Mead Lawyers) are an experienced legal team that specialises in all aspects of Personal Injury & Compensation Law.

We help people who have been injured at Work, in a motor vehicle accident, in a public place or on someone else’s property, have undergone negligent medical treatment or are a survivor of abuse.   Operating across New South Wales, with offices in Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, & Maitland. We assist clients with a variety of compensation & personal injury law matters. We pride ourselves on providing sound, considered, personal and easy-to-understand legal advice to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients in a timely manner.

  • How long have you been operating; how many are in your team?

We have been in business since 2005. The business has evolved, but one thing has always stayed the same. We employ great people. At present, our team consists of 8 solicitors, a Practice Manager, 3 Law student clerks and 3 support staff. We regularly have Law Students from the University of Newcastle do a work placement with us.

  • What are the successes and challenges of your Business?

 In our line of work, we typically meet people who are experiencing one of the worst periods of their life – injury, disability, trauma and issues with their family and home life. The biggest challenge for us is navigating those persons with patience, compassion, and empathy through the process. Nobody chooses to become embroiled in a legal dispute and the typical person feels intimidated with the process, usually because it is something they have never had to deal with before and it can take a considerable time to resolve.

 Success for us when we hear things like “Thank you so much, I can now put this part of my life behind me” or “ I am so grateful to have had you on my side”. The greatest compliment we can receive is a recommendation from our clients.

  • What were the reasons you made the move to Nexus?

 Our presence at Nexus has more to do with expansion rather than relocation. As our firm and reputation continue to grow and expand, having a presence on the Central Coast makes it more convenient for our clients who live in the area. We also see it as an opportunity to provide the Central Coast Community with high-end legal services.

  • What you can you help other Nexus members with?

 We have a full-time Senior Associate Solicitor, Sean Wright, who services the Central Coast office, If you need any simple legal documentation witnessed at any time – please let Rachelle or Sonia know – he would be happy to help. Obviously, if either you or someone you know needs any formal legal assistance regarding any personal injury law matter, please do not hesitate to contact him directly at or on 02 4312 8900

You can review the full list of services we provide on our website at 



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