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Nexus Business Hub is an ultra-modern serviced office space complex within the Golf Links Commercial Campus in Wyong.
Anyone who rents office space at our location can enjoy the same benefits usually reserved for large corporates at a fraction of the cost. The hub has an open atrium style foyer, an abundance of parking and is designed to maximise natural light. Designed as a technology enabled work space Nexus Business Hub has faster than NBN data connectivity. The stylish interior design, landscaping and the vibrant community at Nexus sets it apart from other traditional commercial office spaces. Additionally you’ll get exclusive access to a multitude of other like minded business owners to network & scale your business.
Short-term contracts give companies flexibility to increase their office size. A flexible number of desks, telephone numbers and IP addresses can be provided for each office.
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Why choose office space with Nexus Hub?

Sole Traders


Our serviced office solutions are great for sole traders looking to expand out of their home. You’ll have the peace of mind and freedom to know that you can expand your business without worrying about the implications of running the business out of your home. Having a fully serviced office suite also provides a professional look that will help sell your offering to potential customers.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


SME’s often need to scale rapidly and this usually requires more staff. At Nexus, increasing the size of your office space is easy. You can hire as many extra employees as you want, knowing you can add more space.SMEs also need other supporting services such as marketing, back-office support, and much more. Nexus Business Hub is an ecosystem of businesses offering a multitude of services so support is always within reach.

Regardless of what size business you can also take advantage of our meeting rooms & board rooms to help pitch products, host employee interviews or anything your business needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and arrange a plan that suits your future growth.

Private Studio Office
from $180 per week
Big business benefits of your all-inclusive Nexus Business Hub membership:
Plus, you enjoy:
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