World Class ICT Infrastructure That is Unique to Golflinks and Nexus Business Hub

Golflinks Commercial Campus is the only 10 Gigabyte Business Park on the Central Coast with an onsite Data Centre. The onsite Data Centre, Servers Australia and dedicated fibre network within the park ensures:

  • Nexus can offer the fastest and most cost-effective internet on the Central Coast (not NBN).
  • Nexus Business Hub has Corporate Grade 1GB internet connection which has a 1:1 contention ratio. This means it’s non-contended. Non-contended broadband access means you are not sharing bandwidth with other customers, ensuring you have the fastest and most reliable speeds at all times.
  • Faster internet ensures lower latency, greater productivity and service delivery in managing and accessing records and applications.
  • Faster internet can also enable a superior user experience for members and visitors accessing an array of devices.
  • Multi pathed. Multi homed fibre network provides redundancy.
  • Fibre network is future proofed with the ability to increase capacity significantly into the future (the network can run up to 400 gig).

Multi-homed and Multi-pathed fully redundant fibre network with 10GB connections already live within the business park.

Nexus also has video state of the art video conference facilities, business grade printing services and biometric security.

  • Super-fast internet connectivity

  • Access to state-of-art office equipment without capital or maintenance expenses

  • Break out spaces and access to meeting rooms for your clients

  • Flexible working options including pay-as-you-go options

  • Numerous collaboration prospects as a result of sharing office space with other professionals