What is a Virtual Office? How Can it Benefit Your Business?

WHY MIGHT A VIRTUAL OFFICE BE THE SOLUTION TO YOUR HOME OFFICE PROBLEM? In its simplest form, a virtual office is a solution to every advantageous home business man’s problem. Solving the problem of obtaining a premium business address whilst retaining the flexibility and benefits of being able to work from home. The main difference between a virtual office and a coworking space is that a virtual office provides the reputational benefits of working in [...]

Nexus Upgrades Network to 10 Gigabit Per Second

                        As part of the Nexus extension works we are upgrading the internet connection to 10 gigabit per second for all members. This world class hyper-fast, reliable and secure enterprise grade solution is a first of its kind on the Central Coast!

Additional 500 square metres of coworking space coming soon!

WORK IS CURRENTLY underway to create an additional 500 square metres of co working space over two levels at the Nexus Business Hub in North Wyong. Extract from Central Coast Business Review April 2021 The new space will incorporate a mix of workstations, meeting rooms and serviced offices as well as incorporating a café that will be co-located within Nexus. Significantly, to ensure lightning fast connection speeds, Nexus will also be upgrading the current  internet [...]

Is working from home really more productive?

New research suggests that flexible working hours can make a business outperform others. But it's not without its risks. It’s the age old argument in company culture politics: is working from home more productive than the traditional 9-5 office format? We hear arguments for and against it all the time. Accusations of laziness are levelled against those who advocate for flexible or distance working hours, whilst others ridicule employees who engage in presenteeism. This is [...]

We’re expanding! New Offices available soon!

We’re expanding! New Offices available soon! The Nexus Smart Hub in North Wyong has always broken new ground on the Central Coast. It was the first co-working space in the region, combining stunning architectural design, the fastest internet connection on the Coast and a thriving small business ecosystem. From the beginning, Nexus reimagined what was possible for a flexible, affordable workspace.   Click here to register your interest today or call 1300 877 977 to [...]

 Alternatives to Long-Term Leasing

 NEXUS Smart Hub coworking space offers Private offices, Hot Desks, Meeting Rooms as well as many other open plan break out spaces for Members   Renting office space as a leaseholder hasn’t changed much over the years. After lengthy contract negotiations with landlords, going over fit out costs, bond, inclusions, options and reviewing the agreement clause by clause; Leaseholders commit to a finite and fixed amount of space for years at a time. It’s easy [...]