10 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for your Small Business

Whether you're a freelancer working with clients or a business with a small team of staff, collaboration tools are vital for businesses. Collaboration tools help you share ideas and information quickly, keep your team members up to date, and streamline workflows. As your business grows, here are 10 excellent collaboration tools to consider using. 1. Slack If long and confusing email chains are slowing you down, consider using Slack. Slack is one of the most [...]

The greatest benefit for working in a coworking space

Coworking spaces can be thought of as living ecosystems that are rich with potential connections with other businesses, experts, and contractors.     Many coworking networks have their own unique culture, attracting many like-minded people that can support each other in a community, even if they’re not bound by employment conditions or shared business goals. Throughout the history of coworking, spaces have been designed to foster collaboration. Coworking spaces were original set up to provide [...]

Start House incubates diversity in our region

Start House incubates diversity in our region The Business Centre is very pleased to announce it is the recipient of $189,500 in Australian Government funding funding under the Incubator Support initiative for its accelerator program, Start House. Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews congratulated the Business Centre and the other five national successful applicants, which will receive the funding under the $23 million initiative. The Business Centre’s Start House - developing diversity in [...]

Alternatives to Long-Term Leasing

Renting office space as a leaseholder hasn’t changed much over the years. After lengthy contract negotiations with landlords, going over fit out costs, bond, inclusions, options and reviewing the agreement clause by clause;Leaseholders commit to a finite and fixed amount of space for years at a time. It’s easy to get spooked looking at long-term leases. When you look around at commercial office space you quickly notice a couple of things: there’s not much of [...]

Helping start-ups take on the world

The Liberal National Government is providing $2 million to help foster Australian start-ups in key sectors like agricultural technology, hardware development and advanced manufacturing. Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews congratulated the six successful applicants, which will receive the funding under the $23 million Incubator Support initiative. “Incubators like these and the start-ups they support play a critical role across the economy in creating high-value jobs and increasing productivity by bringing new products [...]

How Shared Office Space Drives Higher Productivity

Businesses in shared office spaces or coworking spaces report high rates of success, so what's the secret behind these types of workspaces? If you're a solopreneur or a growing small business, choosing the right shared office space can give you and your team numerous benefits that drive higher productivity. Networking and community One major productivity driver of shared office spaces could be the sense of community. Businesses and sole traders located in coworking spaces can [...]