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What Hardware is Essential for a Small Business Just Setting Up?

Starting up a small business has two major competing factors: cost now and cost later. Prioritising what hardware you need immediately when you first begin in business is important, but so is future-proofing so that you don’t end up having to upgrade your IT infrastructure in a few months. On top of this, you’re going to want some luxuries to make your job easier; time is money, and sometimes saving some of the first can [...]

Cybersecurity 101: How to Protect Your Small Business

Cybersecurity is a term often thrown around by both people who don’t understand the importance of staying safe online and people who think of hackers as 80s movie wizkids who can hack the Pentagon in 3 seconds flat. The truth is, while the Internet can be a scary place to do business, there are common risks and threats that make up the vast majority of attacks, and taking a few precursory steps can make the [...]

11 Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for Small Business

With the rise of digital advertising, it can be all too easy to neglect offline marketing strategies. While online marketing is probably essential for most businesses, offline marketing still offers unique advantages for business small or large. Low costs, niche targeting, and retention are some of the top advantages of offline channels, so consider the following as you explore offline marketing possibilities. 1. Invest in high-impact print collateral Business cards are a must, but don’t [...]

How to Succeed at Online Marketing as a Small Business

Like any other business, the goal of a small business is to grow. However, small businesses tend to find themselves constrained by tight marketing budgets and limited internal marketing resources. If you operate a small business, you’ll be glad to know you can take charge of your online market and boost your reach – if you follow some smart online marketing tips. Here are the top strategies to help you shake up your digital marketing [...]

Kerri Day, Managing Director of Paragon Insurance Solutions and long-time Nexus Member

Meet Kerri Day, long-time Nexus Member and Managing Director of Paragon Insurance Solutions 'Small Business Service. Industry Leading Strength'   Tell us the short version of what your business does? We manage General Insurances, such as for property, assets and liabilities, for small to medium businesses in a large range of industries. Working with business owners to be adequately covered and not pay unnecessary premiums.   What value does Nexus Smart Hub hold for you? [...]

How to Optimise your HR Administration as a Small Business in 6 Ways

Managing people is probably not why you started your own business, but effective HR administration is crucial to your business success. Whether you have a small team of two or manage a bigger team, the administrative side of HR is an essential activity not to be overlooked. From compliance to recruitment, your key HR administrative tasks are an opportunity and not an obstacle to success. Scope of HR and administration for small business Human resources [...]