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Why Employees Thrive in Shared Office Spaces

With a growing trend against telecommuting in favour of bringing employees together, shared office spaces appear to be gaining popularity among businesses large and small. Along with overhead savings, businesses based in shared office spaces could be enjoying greater productivity and high employee engagement. Research suggests employees thrive in shared working or cowork spaces, and here are some reasons why. 1. Positive energy and wellness benefits A shared office environment cultivates a positive energy and [...]

How to Cultivate a Startup Mentality for Business Success

Whether you're a startup or an established business, you can lose that original enthusiasm you had if you don't deliberately cultivate a dynamic, innovative culture. Learning the ways of creative startup companies could be the key to reviving your team and injecting the original passion you had back into your business. These strategies could help your business achieve the fast-paced, purpose-driven intensity of top startups. Need a premium office space to house your growing business? [...]

10 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for your Small Business

Whether you're a freelancer working with clients or a business with a small team of staff, collaboration tools are vital for businesses. Collaboration tools help you share ideas and information quickly, keep your team members up to date, and streamline workflows. As your business grows, here are 10 excellent collaboration tools to consider using. 1. Slack If long and confusing email chains are slowing you down, consider using Slack. Slack is one of the most [...]

How Shared Office Space Drives Higher Productivity

Businesses in shared office spaces or coworking spaces report high rates of success, so what's the secret behind these types of workspaces? If you're a solopreneur or a growing small business, choosing the right shared office space can give you and your team numerous benefits that drive higher productivity. Networking and community One major productivity driver of shared office spaces could be the sense of community. Businesses and sole traders located in coworking spaces can [...]

Exciting changes happening for Nexus Smart Hub

The Golflinks Commercial Campus continues to grow and evolve in exciting ways. In 2018 a new Anytime Fitness building will open onsite and the 1st and second floor of the Nexus Business Hub will be available for lease. This year will also see a large dedicated Sports medicine and physio practice opening. Servers Australia to Lease Nexus Smart Hub Building 4 Servers Australia is one of the most innovative and successful home grown technology companies in Australia. [...]