Why Coworking Spaces are the Future for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs know that the road to success is hard work. It involves late nights, financial investment, and setbacks that can sometimes feel like major roadblocks. Being a business risk taker (which every entrepreneur is) is a long and bumpy road, however having the right working environment can ease some of this stress. Perhaps you have a killer idea for a startup, however right now it’s just you or one another person trying to build the [...]

Getting Your Small Business Out of Your Home Office

As any successful start-up operator will tell you, one of the absolute hardest moments is in the transition from home project to office space. An office space means extra legitimacy as an enterprise, potentially better access to CBD contacts, better infrastructure, and more room for employees. And then there’s the downside. Renting an office means paying rent, equipment fees, cleaning, installation, and a bunch more other smaller tasks. You better be prepared and ready for [...]

How to do Business Networking: Taking Advantage of Your Surroundings

People often say that it’s not what you know, but who you know. This isn’t always the case, but it certainly helps, and there are plenty of success stories from solo entrepreneurs that took advantage of their surroundings to take their venture to the next level. A robust and resourceful support and business network will allow you to take advantage of not only opportunities that you might otherwise miss, but potentially help you forge new [...]

Meet one of Nexus Members!

What value does Nexus Smart Hub hold for you? Work life balance value. It enables me to be close to home for my kids, whist still maintaining my job without the travel. What improvements have you noticed since working from Nexus? I have considerable less stress as my travel is reduced by 2.5 hours a day. I also have less distractions from my busy main office so I can dedicate my time [...]

Meet one of Nexus Members! Luka Chocolate

Luka Chocolates is an Australian artisan chocolate company inspired by gathering the best knowledge and know-how from Belgium traditional chocolate makers. Our appetite for excellence runs through every chocolate. We passionately combine a blend of premium coverture with locally sourced ingredients including local fresh cream, organic honey, 100% pure juices, nuts, fruits and spices creating a little slice of heaven with every sweet. Since 2011 our passion for chocolate has taken us from [...]

How to Pay As You Go for Your Small Business Office

  One of the biggest expenses for a startup or small business can be leasing premises to house their business. Many commercial landlords require a long lease (3 - 5 years), which means if your business changes in size or direction a year or so after signing the lease (something which is quite likely to happen), you could end up trapped in commercial premises that are too small or no longer suit your needs. And [...]