Nexus is the new way to live and work on the Central Coast.

Our world is changing and the options for how we work are changing too.

The rate of change in how people work has accelerated. The temporary ‘work from home’ measures taken during the worst of the pandemic and uncertain economic situation is being translated into reconsidered strategies with a focus on agility and employee engagement.

Long-term leases tie up a lot of capital and put handcuffs on the ability to upsize or downsize. More and more corporate companies are looking for flexible solutions to their office requirements.

The ‘serviced office’ of the past, with mediocre service, hidden costs, staff churn, uninspiring facilities, and a drive to their profitability is out of place in today’s market and is due for disruption.

As leaders in the flexible workspace sector, we continually consider how we can better serve our clients and prospective clients. Businesses do not want to be left behind in terms of services, interior design, and the added value that private offices and coworking provide for productivity, as well as recruitment and retention.

Nexus is more than a state of the art work space at an affordable price. It is a community where people can collaborate, network and innovate.

Nexus Smart Hub has always delivered a more efficient solution, and our mission to deliver a better experience for our clients is as important today as it has always been.

We deliver agility, cost-efficient facilities, state-of-the-art technology, contemporary interior design, and impressive client experience, creating a world-beating workspace environment for today’s businesses.

Everything you’d expect of the leaders in the workspace revolution.

Workspaces are becoming more flexible, more high tech and more collaborative. With state of the art technology, beautifully designed flexible offices, hot desks, breakout spaces and gym facilities, Nexus Smart Hub is a workspace at the vanguard of this exciting new world.

Increasingly there are more and more contractors, startups, small businesses and freelancers in the workforce. Restrictive and expensive commercial real estate offerings of the past are being challenged and replaced by work space options that are a better fit for this style of work.

For people who commute long distances to work the world is changing.

Technology is allowing them to work remotely. Nexus Smart Hub provides commuters with a WHS compliant, corporate workspace where they can work for part of their role away from the head office.

Nexus is a place where people can be more productive than they are when they work from home. 

Nexus provides their customers with a flexible a-grade office space. The best bit? Customers can expand and contract their office space in line with their business activity.

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