Nexus Smart Hub welcomes new tenants – Dobell Conveyancing

More new businesses have located in the Nexus Smart Hub at North Wyong in recent months. We would like to welcome Dobell Conveyancing to the Nexus community!


Dobell Conveyancing

Dobell Conveyancing are an experienced, efficient and friendly team offering Licensed Conveyancing services. Our team are professionally qualified to advise clients in the legal matters involved in the buying or selling of property within NSW.

  • How long have you been operating; how many are in your team?

Dobell Conveyancing began in 2013 with Lyn Dobell and her daughter Danielle Hallum as a family run Licensed Conveyancing business. Danielle obtained her conveyancing licence in 2015 and is now the principal of Dobell Conveyancing following Lyn’s retirement in 2020. Danielle oversees a team of four, including Christine Morgan, Licensed Conveyancer and Justice of the Peace; Sandra Zurillo, Conveyancing Assistant, studying Conveyancing at Macquarie University; and, Bianca Green assisting the team with admin/archiving. Christine is primarily based at the Hub and looks forward to the networking opportunities available, being new to both the Dobell team and the Hub.

  • What are the successes and challenges of your Business?

Coming up towards our 10th year of operation, we are pleased to see that 60% of our clients are repeat clients or client referrals. We also have an excellent local network of real estate agents and mortgage brokers we are proud to work with over many years. The main challenges faced by our business are the ups and downs of the property market and keeping on top of the ever changing administrative and legislative requirements of the property transfer process. As a team we continue to introduce new technologies into our business to allow transactions to be completed electronically and remotely by our clients with ease, regardless of their location.

  • What were the reasons you made the move to Nexus?

Our team often work remotely and moving to the Hub meant we have a clean, professional office space as our base. We also love the reception being available to greet our clients or colleagues during business hours, and to collect deliveries. Moving to the Hub helps us to maintain our professional image, whether we are working in the Hub or from home. So much of our work now is completed by email, phone and through various technologies, that it made sense to transition our office to suit the new technology-based conveyancing landscape.

  • Do you have any special offers or incentives or what you can you help other Nexus members with?

Our team are more than happy to answer conveyancing related questions or to review a contract of sale for our fellow NEXUS members and their clients.




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