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Nexus Hub - Training Providers Who Come to You

No matter whether you have a workforce of 20 employees or a small team of just you and two other people, upskilling and training is paramount to a business’ success.

In small businesses, it’s unlikely you will have a staff member who is fluent in everything and anything. It’s also unlikely you will have a staff member for every job. This means you may not have someone proficient in social media or first aid. You may not have someone who lives and breathes accounting. You may not have someone who is solely dedicated to marketing your business. But there are ways to ensure that these things are covered. Finding ways to gain these skills and knowledge is a vital part of any business and there are plenty of training providers who will come to you.

Media School

Media School focuses on everything to do with social media. It’s a changing landscape in the world of social so not only is this relevant now for business, it’s also important to continually learn and develop your skills. There are courses on social media marketing, LinkedIn and other social media sites, blogging, content marketing, podcasting and more.

Media School specialises in one-day courses so they won’t take up too much of your precious time. And while you have the option of going to their learning studio in Sydney, they’re more than happy to come to a location of your choosing, anywhere in Australia. The wonderful thing is that no matter how advanced you are at social media, or whether you’re starting from the very bottom, the courses are strategic so there’ll always be useful insights to gain.


This one is for the women in the workplace and is a fantastic way to build your confidence. It’s interactive, fun, engaging and energetic and the point of the training is to create behaviour that sees results.

Blackstone offers workshops, corporate training and webinars, so all needs can be accommodated. And the great thing about it is that the training courses, while covering broad topics such as presenting, personal branding, problem solving, and facilitation skills, the course is honed in on key areas specific to individual companies. This means that no course, workshop or webinar is the same. Everything is customised.

St John

Let’s face it, anything can happen in any type of workplace. Someone can trip and fall or scolding hot coffee can spill. You need to be prepared for anything. In Australia, employers have a legal obligation to have at least one first aid trained person on site at all times. Of course, the requirements differ from state and state and the number of people who need to be trained increases depending on the amount of staff but even if it’s just yourself, it’s worth it to have knowledge of first aid training.

Enter St John. St John run private first aid courses and they’ll come to you. They bring all necessary equipment and resources and the training content is customised depending on the company’s particular needs, including practice scenarios.

Ethos CRS Consulting

Ethos CRS Consulting specialises in photography, editing, and writing, mainly with organisations in the communications, policy, regulation and leadership space. They’re all about passion, efficiency, and delivering the best possible solution, and their training mirrors this philosophy.

Workshops are delivered according to the needs of the company and the individuals employed. For Ethos CRS, it’s all about building skills to help people perform better. While they have training facilities in Canberra, their presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane means they can work with people and companies outside of Australia’s capital.

Konnect Learning

A corporate training and development centre, Konnect Learning offers both training courses in locations around Australia and onsite training at offices. Konnect offers courses in presentations, understanding contracts, leadership, writing tenders and more.

Content for onsite training is tailored specifically to the organisation in question and the company organises absolutely everything, so you’re free to focus on building your business rather than training staff. Konnect Learning also offers large group training with everyone in the company involved. These can be tailored or they can be the courses that Konnect offers already, just presented in-house to your staff.

PeopleSafe Australia

With a focus on health and safety in the workplace, PeopleSafe Australia offers nationwide work health and safety training and solutions for business. Their point of difference is that the trainers actually have real world experience with what they’re teaching, so they totally understand where you are coming from and what issues may be impacting your business.

The training courses are interactive, customisable and flexible so they’ll definitely relate to employees and the work the business does. The courses teach strategies for managing safety, and protecting employees and employers from any hazards in the workplace.

Paramount Training & Development

Paramount Training & Development has loads of experience across a number of different sectors including airline, retail, media, telecommunications, mining, government and much more. So, you know you’re getting quality training.

The company works to combine entertainment with training so sessions are fun and motivational. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning aids are used in the customisable sessions. And regardless of age, qualifications or rank in the workplace, everyone is bound to learn something during the program. Trainers are experts in their field so they know what they’re talking about and they pretty much offer courses in every discipline from HR to ethics, workplace harassment to risk management, and everything in between.

Finding a space

Finding a good location or space off site that offers the flexibility you need can be difficult, stressful,and expensive. At Nexus Hub you can benefit from access to facilities where your team can easily and professionally host training seminars and workshops. Contact us today to find out how you can use our beautifully designed training rooms and state of the art technology to upskill your workforce.


Nexus Hub - Training Providers Who Come to You

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