The greatest benefit for working in a coworking space

Coworking spaces can be thought of as living ecosystems that are rich with potential connections with other businesses, experts, and contractors.



Many coworking networks have their own unique culture, attracting many like-minded people that can support each other in a community, even if they’re not bound by employment conditions or shared business goals.

Throughout the history of coworking, spaces have been designed to foster collaboration. Coworking spaces were original set up to provide freelancers with the sense of community and companionship they lacked working from home.

This continued ethos has meant that even those that don’t interact much with fellow coworkers enjoy a strong sense of community in a coworking space.

Here at Nexus Smart Hub, we hear time and time again of the collaboration and the natural ecosystem growth between our members. The Accountant next door is working with the Mortgage Broker downstairs; the Marketing Team is working with the Website Development and Domain Hosting business across the desks; the Finance Broker struck a deal with the Logo Designer who sits a few desks across.

The guy (or girl!) sitting next to you could be your next lead or business partner. The simple networking and collaborative environment is just another benefit of working in a coworking hub or shared office.

With more and more people choosing remote working, increases in self-employment and technology and artificial intelligence changing the way we work and the work we do, the future of coworking looks protected and even likely to continue growing substantially.

NexusHub is the new way to live and work on the Central Coast. We offer state-of-the-art workspaces at an affordable price. To find out more about how our spaces can help you collaborate, innovate, and network, explore our website or contact us for a discussion today.


Author: Conor Todd @FreeOfficeFinder



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