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Business planning is not necessarily the forte of small business owners and if that applies to you then you may well be missing out on potential for business growth. The interactive masterclass and workshop with Creative Strategy Institute founder Paul Iannuzzelli co-hosted by the SBNG and NEXUS Smart Hub was an eye opener for many of us who are in that position.

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Paul started the workshop by pointing out that to be a successful business owner you need to be creative and see yourself as an artist. But, while as a child you were born with the ability to be an artist, the hard thing is to stay an artist as you grow up. We’re told at an early age what we should/should not do and while the education system has many good points, creativity and ideas are often squashed out. The same thing applies when it comes to running our business. We’re told how to market, how to formulate our elevator pitch, etc, etc.

Adherence to those rigid business principles however will keep you from learning new ideas, discovering new potential customers and identifying previously unknown possibilities for your business. You don’t need a college degree to make it to the top. Highly successful people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many more were dropouts but it was their vision and ability to think outside the square that saw them succeed. Did they make mistakes along the way? Absolutely. Making mistakes is OK as long as you don’t repeat them.

To get people interested in what you have to offer or to get your team to go that extra mile you need to touch an intrinsic motivator. This can take many forms but as a personal motivator this can be something quite simple such as a list of completed tasks. From a business point of view, consider add-ons to cater for customer taste changes. Adding extras to existing services through a joint venture can be an effective way of bringing in expertise.

The main take away from this workshop is to take a step back from what would be considered traditional business planning. Workshop your ideas and look for opportunities to expand and learn how to move with the time. Thank you Paul for a very informative session.

For further information about creative solutions for your business please contact Paul Iannuzzelli via the Creative Strategy Institute website at


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