Who you can find at the Hub? Meet our newest team – AIIB Insurance Brokers

Who you can find at the Hub? Meet our members Tony Bourke, Director and Bradley Lofts Managing Director of AIIB Insurance Brokers!

Tell us a short version of what is your business?  

AIIB Insurance Brokers help business owners identify the types of insurance their business needs. We then ask insurance companies to provide their pricing for these insurance covers and advise the business on the best cover and pricing options. We also help the business owner with any claims they have and we deal with the insurer to keep things running smoothly so the business owner does not need to worry.

How long have you been operating, how many staff do you have in your team? 

We have been operating since 1988 and have a team of 20 across our branchs in Parramatta, Newcastle and now the Central Coast

What are the successes and challenges of your Business?  

Our success is based on old fashioned customer service. We still provide a minimum of at least one annual visit to all our business clients to make sure there insurance cover stays up to date as their business changes and grows. Our main challenge at present is the global insurance market with insurance companies becoming more restrictive on occupations and covers provided and tougher on claims. Our clients need our services more than ever to keep things running smoothly.

What were the reasons you made the move to work from the Nexus?

Nexus is a modern office environment with all the facilities we need which is also very close to where I live.

What value does Nexus Smart Hub hold for you?

Great facilities and a friendly environment.

Do you have any special offers or incentives or what you can you help other Nexus members with?

AIIB Insurance Brokers can offer Nexus members a complimentary insurance review to make sure they have the insurance their business needs in place. They can also download a free preview of my book on insurance tips for business owners, Risk your business, risk your life by clicking on this link



Tony Bourke
AIIB Pty Ltd
Insurance Brokers
P:   1300 024 420

E:   tbourke@aiib.com.au

W:  www.aiib.com.au



Author of “Risk Your Business, Risk your life” and co-author of the best seller “In Service”. For more details visit: www.tonybourke.com.au



Tony Bourke
Director AIIB Pty Ltd Insurance Brokers tbourke@aiib.com.au







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