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Re-thinking your office leasing strategy?

According to PwC’s US Remote Work Survey – January 2021, 83% of employers believe the shift to remote work has been successful for their business. At the same time, we know the ‘office’ isn’t going away. In the same survey, 87% of employees said that the office is important for collaborating with team members and building relationships. Most executives (87%) expect to make changes to their real estate strategy over the next 12 months as they transition to a hybrid office .

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* Space costs are estimates based on data sourced from the Property Council of Australia as well as local commercial activity. The more specific and accurate information you provide for your own situation the more accurate the results will be. Please contact us to discuss and help us provide a tailor made solution for your circumstances.

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Nexus Business Hub has a number of opportunities available for businesses wanting to create a hybrid office model that suits the way their teams now want to work. Download our a brochure now.

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