The team at Wendy White WoundCare is delighted to bring to our WOUNDEd Community the 2019 calendar of education and dinner events ‘Talking Wounds’ with Wendy White & Friends.

Our Objectives for this WOUNDEd Event:

Advancing Age – does it really matter much in wound care?

The team at Wendy White WoundCare is delighted to bring to our WOUNDEd Community the 2019 calendar of education and dinner events ‘Talking Wounds’ with Wendy White & Friends.

Wounding – loss of skin integrity can occur on the very young, the very old and everyone in between throughout life, from a wide variety of mechanisms of injury. As the population ages, not only here in Australia but around the globe, it’s important to take another look at how the human body innately responds to these assaults and consider how that is REALLY different in the aged. When we understand why the aged are at greater risk of acute injury and transition to delayed healing, we can proactively plan to address what we can (and accept what we can’t influence) sooner rather than later.

We need a heightened awareness to risk and preventative interventions and a sense of urgency when dealing with acute skin loss. What is exciting about wound management today is the fact that we can really make a difference with the decisions and choices we make – not waiting for a problem to occur but seeing it before it does and proactively meeting those needs head on. Seeing the risk of aging and delayed wound healing means we will be better prepared – what do they say, forewarned is forearmed!

Wendy will explore the urgent need for a paradigm shift in our thinking and practice, to address the ever-growing challenge of wound prevention and transition to chronicity in the aged – a subject relevant for all healthcare professionals working across a wide diverse range of settings. Practical interventions based on current national and international recommendations will be discussed with a focus on proactive vs reactive clinical practice.

This will be the first of three events in 2019 where a number of industry partners will provide trade displays, practical tips/tricks and answer ‘how to’ questions relating to a range of skin & wound care products ideally suited when caring for aging skin and wounding. The next partner events will be held in July (National Wound Awareness) and in November (International Pressure Injury Prevention).

Our learning objectives for this WOUNDEd event are as follows:
1        Define aging, and discuss current and predicted Australian population statistics
2.       Identify common causes of loss of skin integrity in the aged
3.       Review contemporary understanding of the bodies physiological response to acute injury and wound healing
4.       Contrast the pathophysiological impact of aging and identify key confounding factors influencing expected clinical outcomes (healing vs symptom control)
5.       Define current wound chronicity time frame and identify recent proposed changes to six weeks
6.       Identify the individual person, impact & potential consequences of non-healing wounds for the aged
7.       Consider triggers or red flags to identify when undertaking a comprehensive assessment
8.       Discuss proactive interventions relevant to the person, region wound and skin that could be considered in the prevention and management of wounds in the aged
9.       Reflect on current practice, and consider the importance of ‘’seeing the risk’’ and early active interventions

We would love you to join us for the second event for 2019 to network and learn. Two (2) hours CPD is offered for attendance at this event including access to online learning resources including downloadable presentation handouts.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Wendy and the WWWC team

WOUNDEd is a division of Wendy White WoundCare

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