25 03, 2019

Launch of unique regional, no-equity accelerator


A new accelerator program - Start House - was launched in Sydney last night, made unique by the fact that it will bring diversity to innovation particularly to intenders and startups in the regions. The one-of-a kind program was officially launched at Fishburners in front of a room full of entrepreneurs, investors and leaders of [...]

Launch of unique regional, no-equity accelerator2019-03-25T13:37:25+10:00
20 03, 2019

Nexus Smart Hub welcomes new tenants


More new businesses have located in the Nexus Smart Hub at North Wyong in recent months – Wendy White Wound Care one of them. They join a growing list of businesses who have moved into the facility in the past year, many from home offices, and enjoy the collaboration opportunities that the smart hub offers [...]

Nexus Smart Hub welcomes new tenants2019-03-20T15:21:36+10:00
19 03, 2019

10 Struggles You Only Understand When You Work From Home


Trackkies and messy hair might be the overarching stereotypes when you work from home, but there are many more on the list. And while we might laugh and shake our heads at them, we can’t help but admit that in ways, they’re a little bit true. When you work from home, you experience some serious [...]

10 Struggles You Only Understand When You Work From Home2019-03-19T14:42:53+10:00
14 03, 2019

Top 9 Benefits of Coworking For Professionals


Coworking has been growing steadily over the last decade because many people now recognise the benefits to working in this type of environment.  Demand for shared office space and meeting room space on the Central Coast, NSW as risen so much that we’ve expanded our site here since our original coworking space opened its doors [...]

Top 9 Benefits of Coworking For Professionals2019-03-14T14:04:25+10:00
7 03, 2019

Time to discover the tech talent of the Central Coast!


A new regionally-based accelerator program is on the look out for Central Coast based tech intenders and startups with the intention of offering them funded support as they start or scale up their tech-based business. The Business Centre Central Coast is looking to unearth more local tech talent to become part of its Start House [...]

Time to discover the tech talent of the Central Coast!2019-03-07T15:26:27+10:00
1 03, 2019

Alternatives to Long-Term Leasing


Renting office space as a leaseholder hasn’t changed much over the years. After lengthy contract negotiations with landlords, going over fit out costs, bond, inclusions, options and reviewing the agreement clause by clause;Leaseholders commit to a finite and fixed amount of space for years at a time. It’s easy to get spooked looking at long-term [...]

Alternatives to Long-Term Leasing2019-03-11T14:59:46+10:00
28 02, 2019

Creative Strategic Business Planning


Business planning is not necessarily the forte of small business owners and if that applies to you then you may well be missing out on potential for business growth. The interactive masterclass and workshop with Creative Strategy Institute founder Paul Iannuzzelli co-hosted by the SBNG and NEXUS Smart Hub was an eye opener for many of us who are in [...]

Creative Strategic Business Planning2019-02-28T11:30:39+10:00
27 02, 2019

Virtual Offices vs. Serviced Offices: Which is Right for You?


In today’s modern working environment where flexibility is key, there are a range of working environments to choose from, including serviced and virtual offices. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have the financial capacity to rent traditional office space – as a result, serviced and virtual offices have increased in popularity. If you’re just starting out [...]

Virtual Offices vs. Serviced Offices: Which is Right for You?2019-02-27T18:44:40+10:00
31 01, 2019

10 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for your Small Business


Whether you're a freelancer working with clients or a business with a small team of staff, collaboration tools are vital for businesses. Collaboration tools help you share ideas and information quickly, keep your team members up to date, and streamline workflows. As your business grows, here are 10 excellent collaboration tools to consider using. 1. [...]

10 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for your Small Business2019-01-31T10:31:00+10:00
31 01, 2019

The greatest benefit for working in a coworking space


Coworking spaces can be thought of as living ecosystems that are rich with potential connections with other businesses, experts, and contractors.     Many coworking networks have their own unique culture, attracting many like-minded people that can support each other in a community, even if they’re not bound by employment conditions or shared business goals. [...]

The greatest benefit for working in a coworking space2019-01-29T11:29:35+10:00